How you write emails can harm your career (How to use 10 minutes emails effectively) – Blog

How you write emails can harm your career (How to use temporary email 10 minutes emails effectively)

Julie Sweet, CEO of a $16 billion business, Accenture’s North America and supervises more than 50,000 workers reveals the way you write emails can harm your career.

Of course, she is wise about the important skills in the business world.

Sweet says investing on good communication skills both face-to-face and in writing like using temporary email 10 minutes emails would be the best investment for a professional.

She adds that people underestimate the significance of investing communication skills which is mean to career progress.

Bosses know whether their employees communicate effectively or not.

Sweet suggests that an employee who write succinct and to the point temporary email 10 minutes emails are valued and others who don’t may drop their career prospects. Sweet tells she herself practices every year to enhance her communication skills.

To create your communication skills better, experts suggest you to follow these recommendations:

While speaking, sit up or stand up straight

Don’t speak hastily or in a higher tone

Take notes before speaking so as to set up your thoughts.

When you write an email, place the message to the point.

Lots of employees do not have a formal email writing training since it is the same as with face to face communication in person, isn’t it?

Not quite.

How you write temporary email 10 minutes emails may improve or pull back your career.

Career experts shared their opinions about it and we are listing them for you:

  1. Don’t spread rumors

Experts advise that if you gossip via mail it may create the grounds for termination as well as being amateurish. Your email should not consist of any bad remarks about others in the company or the company itself. If you don’t take this advice you may be shocked how quick it spreads.

  1. Don’t digress

Time is necessary so get to the point when you are writing business mails. The most important message should be on top.

For that, write a draft and edit it. Emails should not be longer than one or two paragraphs which may be very much and tiring for the receiver.

  1. No personal business

At workplace your time is the company’s property. Don‘t conduct private business with the email of the firm you work for. This is both wrong and can get you in trouble.

  1. Do not criticize

You should avoid to criticize other people in emails especially in group mails. These issues and sensitive interpersonal problems should be resolved face-to-face.

Experts recommend using a rule called the “the headline rule”. How would you think if your mail was the headline of the newspapers of the following day? Would you feel well about it? If you’re saying no, let‘s consider hitting the send button!

  1. Don’t send your mail when you’re sentimental

Anger peaks may lead to unintended messages and undesirable results if you send emails when you’re emotional. Experts suggest you shouldn’t send emails when you are frustrated, tired or hungry. You should manage your psychological state before sending mails.

You can return to your solid mental state by getting away from your desk or walking or having some fresh air.

  1. No jokes on work emails

Jokes are desirable in person but cause misunderstandings via email. Rachel Beohm coach and trainer at FORTE, a non-verbal communication coaching company says there are definite sorts of messages which don’t translate freely in mails. With lack of eye contact and voice tone and gestures, sarcasm might be misinterpreted.

You should likewise not write anything offensive against a person’s religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, he says. These could cause legal issues and cause you lose your job.


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With this great Gmail trick you’ll turn the way you organize your mailbox – Blog

With this great Gmail trick you’ll turn the way you organize your mailbox

People give a lot of time on sending and reading emails and this bothers many people.

But there are a few tricks to make one of which being a Gmail trick.

This trick can adjust the way you manage your mailbox.

You can create endless quantities of gmail temporary email address by using the + sign.

For illustration, let’s assume your email is [email protected] When you add a +example to it before the @, any messages which is sent to [email protected] goes straight to your main mailbox.

It changes your gmail temporary email address from one address to unlimited number of possibilities.

And why is it worth accepting?

To construct your inbox.

By applying rules, you can automatically array your mails depending on to whom they are addressed. For example, for all of your online shopping accounts, you can create [email protected] and use one for filtering the whole correspondence into a particular folder.

Moreover, it further simplifies it for you for later searches for times you won’t be able to recall the name of a specific site.

You won’t miss significant mails

You can flag up significant emails in email services (for example your mother, lawyer etc.). However, this will be in vain unless you learn the address they will send the email.

You can use rules to find out everything sent to it from any mail address will be shown at the top of your mailbox for important people whose mails you don’t wish to miss, if you share a secret email (for example [email protected]) with them.

You’ll learn who sells your data to marketers

Let’s presume you have signed up to dating app Tinder with [email protected], and an ad email comes to your mailbox after some time from a haphazard company, addressed to [email protected]; it is entirely obvious who sold your info. Yet, you wouldn’t recognize this, if you signed up with your main email.

Even more, using inbox rules, you can easily block all messages addressed to [email protected]

The gmail temporary email address trick gives you, without the struggle of generating new ones, all the advantages of having a second and 3rd and 4th and 5th dedicated mail accounts.



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How to Block Annoying Ads When Connecting to Wi-Fi by Adopting an Anonymous Email?

How to Block Annoying Ads When Connecting to Wi-Fi by Adopting an Anonymous Email?
Stable, unlimited internet access gradually turned into a necessity rather than a commodity for a modern person. The worldwide website is now an intrinsic part of the lives of people who live in both developed and developing countries. Wi-Fi has consistently been one of the best methods of connecting to the Internet. This technology allows you to simply and conveniently establish a high-speed connection to the Internet and start browsing in mere seconds.

Nowadays, when a man comes to a new place, the first thing that they do is check whether there is free Wi-Fi network available. However, free Wi-Fi can dish out lots of unpleasant surprises. This means that if you want to enjoy a high-speed Internet connection, you will have to view annoying ads that cover your device’s screen and pass for dozens of seconds at a time.
The ads that you are driven to view when connecting to Wi-Fi is an annoying reality of the modern world
You cannot help experiencing negative emotions when you are driven to view ads over and over again when being connected to a free Wi-Fi network. This disturbing factor distracts you from your work and slows down the rate at which you can complete your tasks. Nevertheless, there is a method to solve this problem. Many advertisers that would like to give you with information on their products, upcoming events, or their companies in general, ask you to give them your email address. After making so, the user will be rid of the ads that pop up at regular intervals when using free Wi-Fi.
However, almost everyone rejects the kind of offer. The reason lies in the fact that giving your email to those advertisers will emerge in tons of junk emails being sent to you. People who frequently use their emails or people who need their emails for work cannot afford to have their inboxes filled to the brim with spam. How to get out of bothersome ads with a temporary email?

Does it mean that you just have to grit your teeth and go through all the ads when connecting to a free Wi-Fi? Of course not! Smart users have experienced for a long time about a way to bypass all those ad banners. Nowadays, countless sites provide users with an option of using temporary emails.
One of the finest examples of sites that provide temporary email is Here, you can instantaneously create an Anonymous Email, which you can then delete at any time. Once the user enters the site, they immediately receive a perfectly functional unique email address. Moreover, the user doesn’t have to share his or her personal information, start their phone number, etc. Creation of an email without registration allows you to control your private information truly private.

The fake email service itself is completely free and doesn’t require you to pay even a single dime. When setting up such a free email, you won’t need to fill out any registrations forms which marginally speeds up the whole process. The creators of the site made sure that the user interface is so intuitive that even the people who are using such a service for the very first time will not have any troubles.
The disposable email is your number one solution to creating your Internet browsing experience ad-free. Just enter such an email into the field produced by the advertiser when you connect to a free Wi-Fi network and enjoy the free high-speed connection to the Internet without having to watch all those annoying ads.

Torrent, security and Temp Mail Service

Torrent, security and Temp Mail Service

Torrent trackers offer a profusion of software, films, series, games, music, to name but a few, and they are still operating despite huge efforts to block them in many countries. Some torrent trackers flourish and bring good income to their founders, from advertising and other sources, which allows users to get any needed content at no cost.

The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, RARBG and other worldwide famous trackers provide the hassle-free access to everybody. However, adopting this kind of services bears certain risks. Absolutely safe and secure activities are feasible if registering in torrent portals via Temp Mail complemented by the VPN service. Keep on reading to strike out more.

Temp Mail service of features

Temp Mail is anonymous disposable email service. By entering the website, a user obtains a temporary email address that can be utilized for receiving messages for any unlimited time. Anonymous email can benefit:
Instant receipt of emails come from any sources.
The service is easy to receive messages. The choice of sending messages is not available for security purposes and to avoid fraudulent actions.
An excellent selection of domain names for a temporary email address:,,, and others.
A user may choose any username, like or, and change it whenever desired.
The service can be translated into 29 languages;
Available as an Android application and Google Chrome extension, both are designed to inform a user of new incoming emails.
Temp EMail is most generally used when registering on sites, including torrent trackers. Hiding a real email address is based on security reasons since spammers, phishers and other fraudsters will not be able to obtain access to your real email.
Registration on the torrent trackers and security

Many popular torrent portals ask users to perform registration to obtain full access to site features. There is needless to enter a real email address; instead, establishing an aanonymous email address is much safer. Why to use Temp EMail registering on torrent trackers?

Combating online piracy is nevertheless under way. Leaving your real email address on compromised sites, you will risk getting into trouble if the email address becomes known to competent authorities. Further to that, sites require conformation of your email address. Clicking a confirmation link, you send your IP address attached to your email address to the site that has requested it from you. By accomplishing this, you enable authorized bodies to identify yourself, thus, they can track the files you have downloaded, if necessary. It means trouble since today there are numerous criminal cases filed against people who share and download files from torrent websites.
Use Temp EMail to register on torrent sites and you would evade any trouble whatever!

How to set up an account on torrent websites using Temp Mail

We are going to teach you how to get access to all torrent tracker features using the anonymous email service, as exemplified by, a popular themed portal.
Open the Temp EMail site and enter the URL of the site you want to create the account at. The email will be employed below as an example.
Start by Clicking Login >> Register. Enter your username, email and password given by the Anonymous Email Service, and click Signup.
You will receive an email containing the button that must be clicked to confirm registration. Clicking it will open the site where you have just created the account. After the confirmation, you automatically enter the site under your username We have created a new account without disclosing our real email address.

The top 3 torrent portals in 2019

The Pirate Bay (thepiratebay org) is one of the most top-ranked torrent trackers all over the world, with a rich history. Copyright holders made countless vain attempts to close the site but the Pirate Bay has survived attacks and carries on growing. This is a perfect ‘King of Torrents’ and the first place you should visit in searching for the most recent media content.
Established a few years ago, ExtraTorrent (extratorrent cc) has ever-increasing popularity. The ET community is one of the most voluminous and populated, which causes it a perfect place both for downloading new films, games and music, and for communication. ETTV and ETRG, popular release groups, use ExtraTorrent as the website for publishing their releases.
RARBG (rarbg to) is a Bulgarian torrent tracker and the best-in-class website for pirate video content. Other portals often post films and other content tagged as RARBG. Founded in 2008, the site made it to top ten global torrent trackers in 2015.

Disposable mail with a beginner marketer tool

Disposable mail with a beginner marketer tool

Despite the speedy development of social media and targeted ads, email is the most effective tool to communicate with the potential customers. In evidence, the task of the beginner web marketer consists of 3 small steps leading to asuccess:  the creation of a well-optimized website, the promotion of this website using automated methods and mailings, and sending new information to the emails of the registered users. The last 2 issues are directly connected with the using of email and require active use of disposable mail boxes.

What is disposable mail and how does it work

10 minutemail box doesn’t involve registration orentering the personal information, so the marketer can save a bunch of time andcan concentrate on his main jobs. Just open and you’llhave an access to a mailbox control panel to set options and view incomingmessages. Temporary mail box isvalid until the user delete or changes it with a corresponding buttons. Click“Refresh” button to see the list of incoming mails after opening a disposable mail box page. Incomingmessages are valid merely for 60 minutes, later it’ll be deleted. 

Customer attraction with using disposable mail

Customer attraction with using forums

Ironically, but the most useful tools for customer attraction is posting reviews on forums. This phenomenon is obvious to explain – most potential buyers read reviews on various forums to choose the most satisfactory product. That’s why marketers post on forums messages from different fake users to enhance product’s image. At the same time, the registration of the new user on forum requires entering a registration code, sent to user’s email. 10 minutes mail helps marketer to bypass a long and complicated email registration process, simplifying his work. 

Using the 10 minutes mail services

Mailing services is a very powerful tool to attract new customers and site visitors, but it requires considerable effort in preparing and testing mailing options. A well-functioning mailing can be employed to advertise new information on your site and therefore can attract new visitors and potential customers. 
It is suggested to pay special attention to the convenience of active elements of your messages such as links, buttons and audio-visual objects. So, the marketer must test mailing using temporary mail box in various browsers and operation systems. 

On the other ways, associated with posting messages

Generally, a user must confirm his registration with a special code sent to email before he can post a message on some webpage. As posting is efficient solely for a short time, and posted messages quickly go out from the first pages, the beginner marketer register a lot of new users and post new messages. Disposable mail can considerably speed up this process. 
Testing mailings to the registered site visitors using disposable mail

Even popular site doesn’t guarantee high sales volumes. The primary purpose of website marketing, in fact, is not only to attract new website visitors, but to “convert” them into buyers. In practice, users, who visits site for the first time, don’t buy advertised products immediately. That’s why marketers need to stimulate visitors for adding site to bookmarks and subscribe to mailings. This allows marketers to keep contact with potential customers and gradually “warm up” them to purchase products. According to the statistics, more than 50% of purchases are carried out after receiving ads mail by registered users. Thus, well organized mailing can help marketer to boost sales, and has to be functionally tested using disposable mail

So, marketers need to work on a functional testing using temporary mail to estimate mailings with different mailboxes in different browsers and operational  systems and then correct all found errors. As fake email doesn’t require any registration, marketers can save a lot of time and totally concentrate on their main jobs.

Anonymous file transfer adopting disposable mail

Anonymous filetransfer adopting disposable mail

Today, anonymous file transferbetween users is the fundamental part of their personal data security system.Usually, users have to install additional complex software solutions to set upa virtual data channel for safe data transfer via emails. However, if youprefer to protect yourself from intruders, it’s enough for you to hide your IPaddress and use temporary mail instead of your real mailbox. Disposable mail helps you to disguise your real personal databecause you needn’t do any registration process and submit your personaldata. 

 10 minutes mail service isavailable for any user and doesn’t require any particular configuration. Justopen and you’ll make an access to disposable mail’s admin panel without any registration. Disposable mail box is simple to use.Your temp mail address is presentedat the top of the page ) in our example – Disposable mail box is valid until userdeletes or changes it using specific control buttons on the admin panel. If youclose your browser or restart your computer 10 minute mailbox remainsvalid – just open again and you can run your lastmailbox. 

The list of the incoming messages hasn’t automatically update function, so usebutton “Refresh” to learn new incoming mails. Incoming messages are availablemerely for 60 minutes, then it’ll be deleted. 

Here are some examples of employing temporary mailboxes for anonymous filetransfer between users. 

Example 1. 
User 1 sends file directly to user 2’s disposable mail box. As incoming messages are available merely for60 minutes, it is vital for uses to use some messenger to control file transferprocess. In that situation, intruders can identify user 2 as filerecipient. 

Example 2. 
The user 1 uploads file to sharing server and sends corresponding link tothe user 2. At any suitable time, user 2 can use special web service tosend this file from server to his 10 minute mail boxand then download it from this mailbox. 
In that situation, users needn’t to communicate to each other whiletransferring file and user 2 doesn’t disclose his real IP-address and email, sointruders can’t identify user 2 as file recipient. 

Example 3. 
User chooses to download some file from web anonymously. He can adopt any webservice to send this file to disposabl email box instead of organizing complex safe communication channel. In thatsituation, intruders can’t identify user as file recipient. 

It should be noticed that messages with attached files downloaded from 10 minute email box are in *.eml format, so you have to apply some email clientsoftware to extract files from it, such as Outlook or Thunderbird. Justdownload message to your device and open it in Outlook, again save attachedfile to your hard drive. 

There are a number of other examples of using disposable mail for anonymous file transfer. Ultimately, temp emailcan encourage you to maintain anadequate level of anonymity and can be an effective tool to  protect yourpersonal data from intruders.

The temporary email address – Confidentiality is the base of security

The temporary email address – Confidentiality is the base of security

The temporary email address that you can pick up at can serve a good number of purposes. Its primary function is to protect your confidentiality when browsing the Internet. 

However, in order to assure complete anonymity and online security, we suggest that you combine an anonymous email with VPN technologies.

The advances of ananonymous email at

You are required to register or enter any confidential information.

All your emails are automatically deleted after an hour.

The temp mail address is not connected to your other emails.

It can be deleted at any time you prefer. All data, consisting of your IP address, is erased.

Temp Mail is applicable as the browser extensions (like Chrome ) and Android app .

Is it enough to easily use an anonymous email?

Your internet provider and third-party sites can save your IP-address when you connect to them via the Internet. This can put your confidentiality at risk. Remember that by identifying your IP, a professional can determine your real address and find out who you actually are. 

disposable email allows you to manage your identity secret whilereceiving emails. However, if you prefer to protect your confidentiality completely, you have to use other means. 
The first and foremost way of doing so is using VPNtechnology. Here is how it goes: you connect to a site and browse theInternet through it. All the information you send orreceive goes through the VPN server and is being encrypted. The systemalso securely protects your IP address. 

How it works when you’re running a temporary email:

Your IP address will be concealed when you’re using an anonymous email or other sites; thus, your identity is protected.Your internet provider will not have the information on what sites you have visited.

All the data including emails will be encrypted by the VPN server.

VPN technology functions in exactly the same manner for all other sites. Everything that you browse online is being encrypted while your IP is being concealed. And this serves both ways. 

What VPN service should you adopt?

The first thing you need to figure out is which VPN server you can trust. The server with the VPN server you’re using shouldn’t be located within a “Fourteen Eyes” country. In such countries, the government can demand for information from any VPN provider, which can jeopardize your anonymity and security. 
The second thing you should deal with is the policy of the VPN Company regarding the storage of your data and whether they store the logs of their users. 
We suggest you to take a look at the new, free VPS service at This enterprise is based in Cyprus, which is beyond the grasp of the “Fourteen Eyes.” Also, this enterprise doesn’t save your private information that can be used to identify you. If you prefer to start using the VPN service provided by Privatix, click here to visit their official site and choose the right device. 
Privatix is applicable as a widget for browsers including Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, as well as a standalone software for Windows / MacOS and apps for Android / iOS. 
After the installation is finished, simply choose the country through which you would like to connect. That will change your IP address, while all your Internet traffic will be encrypted. 
As you can understand, the main difference between Privatix and its competitors is its simplicity, high quality, the absence of ads, and the fact that it’s completely free. 
All these things make VPN from Privatix your finest choice when choosing to remain completely anonymous and running with a temporary email.