8 Steps to Creating a CRM Strategy for Your Business

What is a CRM strategy? A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy is a plan to grow sales and improve customer service through a combination of processes, actions, and technology, involving the sales, marketing, and customer service functions of a business. I want to try Sendinblue’s CRM feature >> What was once the traditional buyer-seller model […]

10 Best Practices For Creating Email-Centric Landing Pages

Do you think  you can run your website without email marketing? If yes, then think again! Why? It’s because a website drives only the front-end sales, while 90% and more sales is achieved through emails and other means.    Why Email Marketing Is Considered Indispensable Email users are forecasted to rise to 2.9 billion worldwide […]

8 tips for creating a perfect email signature

Most people consider an email signature as something not worth thinking about. Whereas it can be used as a way to sell your product or inform your recipient about something, it can also cause your message to be labeled as spam. You should know several simple rules regarding email signatures if you want them to […]