Nowadays, it is relatively difficult to conduct business without participating in the life of the Internet community. Any credible organization or entrepreneur has an Internet page for rapid connection with customers and selling products in their own online stores. As a rule, payment is carried out directly on this sites using a bankContinue Reading

The Pirate Bay is the world’s largest torrent website, visited by more than 4 million people every day. Although it has frequently been targeted by copyright holders, the website has managed to stay afloat. Moreover, the torrent tracker continues to develop strongly, and the number of torrent files on theContinue Reading

Today, anonymous file transfer between users is the fundamental part of their personal data security system. Usually, users have to install additional complex software solutions to set up a virtual data channel for safe data transfer via emails. However, if you prefer to protect yourself from intruders, it’s enough forContinue Reading

It’s natural for travelers to save money on living in the foreign country by rent a cheap flat instead of expensive hotel room. The simplest way to find such a room is to use service. However, it should be noticed, that the mechanism of finding a flat in theContinue Reading

The temporary email service at can be employed to increase your online security and protect your savings account. How can it go on that? Let us tell you! Phishing is an extremely common method of online fraud that involves stealing a person’s private information. This is worked out byContinue Reading

The temporary email address that you can pick up at can serve a good number of purposes. Its primary function is to protect your confidentiality when browsing the Internet. However, in order to assure complete anonymity and online security, we suggest that you combine an anonymous email with VPN technologies. The advances of an anonymous email at You are required to register or enter any confidential information. All your emails are automatically deleted after an hour. The tempContinue Reading

Why to remain anonymous online? Many sites collect information about a user on each visit. Some sites notify visitors before doing so but some collect information without obtaining prior consent. The information that identifies you can be used other than as thought. Intrusive ads injected into site is the most wide-spread phenomenon. More intricate way of handling the collected information include sudden limitations when you apply for a loan or for a job. Government bodies can still collect private informations of people for various reasons, which is actually treated as the invasion ofContinue Reading