Torrent, security and Temp Mail Service Torrent trackers offer a profusion of software, films, series, games, music, to name but a few, and they are still operating despite huge efforts to block them in many countries. Some torrent trackers flourish and bring good income to their founders, from advertising andContinue Reading

Anonymous filetransfer adopting disposable mail Today, anonymous file transferbetween users is the fundamental part of their personal data security system.Usually, users have to install additional complex software solutions to set upa virtual data channel for safe data transfer via emails. However, if youprefer to protect yourself from intruders, it’s enoughContinue Reading

The temporary email address – Confidentiality is the base of security The temporary email address that you can pick up at can serve a good number of purposes. Its primary function is to protect your confidentiality when browsing the Internet.  However, in order to assure complete anonymity and online security, we suggest that you combine an anonymous email with VPN technologies. The advances of ananonymous email at You are requiredContinue Reading