Pepipost – your secret email superhero!

An email delivery tool that is the best-kept secret That secret is kept a little too much, in our opinion, and MailBakery’s coding works brilliantly with this tool, so we thought a shout-out is worthwhile to share! Pepipost is an email delivery service that works with either API or SMTP. Pepipost can send triggered emails […]

Dark Phoenix Ending Was Reshot Because Another Superhero Movie Had the Same Ending

Dark Phoenix, the upcoming X-Men movie that is set to end this version of the franchise, had to undergo massive reshoots at one point that entirely changed the third act of the movie. Originally, we had been given reasons that seemed a bit generic, like the filmmakers wanting to ground the movie a bit more […]

Black Panther claws out a whole new level for superhero flicks

This is a major and impressive change of focus in the MCU. Black Panther avoids many of the cliché plot devices, archetypes and formulas of standard comic book blockbusters. Calling a moratorium on planet-devastating villains, maverick heroes, romance-free story lines and people of color exclusively viewed as sidekicks, this well crafted stand-alone takes viewers on […]

Black Panther is a glorious, intense superhero film that you cannot miss out

Black Panther is a glorious, intense superhero film that you cannot miss out Every so often, a movie comes along that changes the entire cinematic game. Over the past several years, rumbling about the casting of black actors (or lack thereof) in Hollywood has bloomed into a full-blown revolt. Coupled with the volatile racial environment […]